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Hello February!

After the January blues, February is typically a happy month for me. I associate it with the colours red and pink mainly due to the commercialism of Valentine’s Day.

The colour pink touches on my girly side so it is only fitting that I swap out the black Filofax Kendal that I’ve been using for a pink Finsbury.

This personalised Filofax was one of my many treasured finds at a local charity shop.

I love my monthly dividers which where created from an old calender, cut down to size and laminated to also double as a dashboard.

This Filofax organiser is loosely based on Ryder Caroll’s Bullet Journal method.

I am trying to keep my stationary expenditures in check this year, so I opted out at purchasing a Filofax diary. Instead, I trim down some dot grid paper and hand write each month’s layout.



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