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Becoming a better Notebook Traveller

Today’s blogpost is the fourth in the series, Planning my Way to Woollinn.

The power of putting pen to paper is an extraordinary way to discover the art and practicality of Bullet Journalling.

I love my Bullet Journal as it provides the distractions and captures my thoughts. It is mindfulness at it’s best for a notebook nerd like me.

Mindfulness is the heightened awareness of the present. It is the process of waking up to see what is right in front of me. It is an awareness of where I am, who I am and what I want.

Writing things down…

Using this notebook makes me (hopefully) a better well prepared traveller on this journey to Woollinn.

The weekly spreads, which always start on a Monday, provides me with a visual overview of the days leading up to the big event. It also serves as a retrospective diary to write a word or two to remind me of my day. I’ve been doing this for a few years and I enjoy looking back at my accomplishments of FOs and knit socials.

The constant stream of information transmitted through Woollinn’s social media feeds makes my head spin. I get very green with envy, knowing that I do not have a considerable disposable income to purchase a massive haul that appears on my social media feeds of those I follow.

To understand what role social media plays in my awareness of here and now. I looked at Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher, who coined the phrase “the medium is the message.”

He predicted the world was entering the fourth, electronic age, which would be characterised by a community of people brought together by technology. He called it the “global village” and said it would be an age when everyone had access to the same information through technology.

I have an understanding that the brain receives the same information, however, it is processed and translated differently for each individual.

Reflection through journaling has identified a few things about myself. Writing my thoughts and misgivings down on paper identifies that I dwell on jealousy and feeling green with envy.

So, what is my big revelation here?

There is an amazing global knitting village on social media that Marshall McLuhan conceptualised in 1964 (well maybe if he was a knitter) and we are all making our way to Woollinn.

Thanks to Evin for bringing a me smile and enlightening me with that one eureka moment …

For all Woollinn Festival goers, let’s make new friends in the Stitchmarker Swap at the Stitch Salon.

Attach a stitchmarker on a card with your Ravelry and/or Instagram name and leave it in the Stitch Salon for someone and pick up a new one.

Next on my to-do list: Tackling the vendor list and reviewing my Ravelry queue to look for a pattern or two for a planned purchase.



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