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Planner Fun

Part 5 in the Planning my Way to Woollinn series.

My yarny senses are tingling, as Woollinn approaches. It’s only days away when the doors open this Friday.

Excitement builds up, as I scroll down the vendor list and take notes.

“Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.” ~ Francis Bacon ~

There are several vendors who I would LOVE to meet in person. I will try to stay cool and hopefully not display any fangirl-like behaviour.

I’ve tackled most of my to-do list, then will follow-up with the final checklist this week.

Some of the spreads that I will be filling in before I head out this weekend…

One of my major projects in this Bullet Journal is my workshop notes for the Learn to Spin workshop with the Irish Guild of Weavers spinners and Dyers (which is already sold out: )

I’ve tweaked my lesson plan as a BuJo layout that make it easy for me to refer to during the workshop.

So far my planning sessions have been fun and productive!



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