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One Book July

The year is just flying by and the height of my summer notebook adventures is already here with One Book July.

This will be my third year, participating in this yearly summer challenge with members of the online planner community.

There is a great detailed post about the history in Paper Planning Magazine.

Every year, it gets harder and harder to choose which planner/notebook I will use for the month of July.

I was all set to use my Midori Traveler’s Notebook, however, I changed my mind 48 hours ago and opted for a B6 Leuchtturm1917.

This softcovered slimline version makes it lighter to carry around in my already overstuffed handbag.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I further learned the theme to this year’s #onebookjuly was the Bullet Journal.

I am such a planner nerd! More so, because I am re-reading the Bullet Journal Method for the second time.

So, here is a walk through of my Bullet Journal set up.

I will be using a Parker 51 fountain pen that belonged to my grandmother. This notebook has pre-printed index pages and I’ve included a key for my bullets and signifiers.

This is my third Leuchtturm1917 notebook and I find that the paper take watercolours quite well.

I added my favourite perpetual calender layout and this stencil from Søestrene Grene, made it so much easier to map out the grid.

I like to add some colour to a fuss-free and traditional layout to the future and monthly logs.

What’s a Bullet Journal without a habit tracker?

I’ve been creating habit trackers in my notebook for a couple of years now, and this layout combines a asthma peak flow and a self-care tracker.

Today is the beginning of #onebookjuly.

Happy Canada Day, my home and native land…



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