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One Book July: week 2

We are into week 2 of One Book July.

Usually, I do well in keeping my Bullet Journal up to date at the beginning of the month. The past week has been exceptional.

I know it’s still early into the month, but I routinely update my BuJo before I spin into my day and a reflective review in my journal before I go to bed. As for the reflection part, there is no big revelation, only small anecdotes here and there.

This week’s writing utensil is a fountain pen from Paperchase. It’s a pretty good entry level fountain and it’s a bonus that this particular one is made in Germany.

I’ve added a couple of layouts for my knitting projects. I can track and make notes on my progress. I know that Ravelry has an excellent feature to track and update my projects, so instead of transcribing my notes, I will take a photo of the page layout from my BuJo and upload them onto my Ravelry project pages.

I’ve added another notebook into the fold, a small from Mark’s Inc. I purchased it a couple of years ago from Article.

The notebook is an unusual size 172mm x 103mm. The last time I was in the shop they no longer stocked the insert. I am not too keen on the notebook paper, since there is a fair amount of ghosting with fountain and the Uniball Eye pens that are my go to writing instruments. The only reason why I like this handy little notebook is the front zippered pocket for my stuff. I like to find it quickly in my knapsack and my shopping list is in this notebook.

This week, I hope to challenge myself to unplug from social media and maybe spend more time on creative journalling.


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