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Hello February!

After the January blues, February is typically a happy month for me. I associate it with the colours red and pink mainly due to the commercialism of Valentine’s Day.

The colour pink touches on my girly side so it is only fitting that I swap out the black Filofax Kendal that I’ve been using for a pink Finsbury.

This personalised Filofax was one of my many treasured finds at a local charity shop.

I love my monthly dividers which where created from an old calender, cut down to size and laminated to also double as a dashboard.

This Filofax organiser is loosely based on Ryder Caroll’s Bullet Journal method.

I am trying to keep my stationary expenditures in check this year, so I opted out at purchasing a Filofax diary. Instead, I trim down some dot grid paper and hand write each month’s layout.

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#PlanWithMeChallenge: 2019 Focus/word

#planwithmechallenge Day 3

Mindfulness – “It helps you become more aware of where your are, who you are, and what you want.” ~ Ryder Carroll

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Plan with Me Challenge Day 1: Hello I’m…

Do you participate in journal and writing challenges?

I’m in for the #PlanWithMeChallenge this month.

My name is Diane and I started my planner addiction when I got a #filofaxoriginal a few years ago. I’ve been using the Bullet Journal method for 3 years however I have moved my planner system from Filofax to Midori TN to Leuchtturm to Nuuna.
I am hosting a Bullet Journal / Planner meet up in Dublin this Sunday and I am excited to meet a few members of Dublin’s Bullet Journal / planner community.

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Take Note

Hello Everyone,

Today’s blogpost is all about the upcoming Bullet Journal / Planner Meet-Up and the items you may want take along with you.

It’s an informal social to meet fellow planners in and around Dublin, make new friends and get to know the Bullet Journal and planner community. I love to exchange ideas and information. That being said, it’s always good to come prepared.

I chose a venue with workspace to open your notebooks and work on your layouts and spreads.

You’ll probably want to bring a few of your favorite supplies – pens, ruler, washi tape, stamps, stickers.

Here are some things you may want to bring with you next Sunday:


Whether or not you choose to open it up and share is up to you.

Washi Tape

The most portable and share-able of planner supplies, washi tape is a great item to bring to a meet-up.

Sticky Notes

Bringing a pad of sticky notes to a planner meet-up is a great idea. Sometimes, you just want to scribble down some information to share with a new friend, or remind yourself of an Etsy shop someone mentioned.

Tools. Scissors, glue stick, and a hole-punch are must-have planner tools.

Pens! Bring a collection of your favorite pens to use and let others test out.

Another planner! If you have more than one planner, bring both! Bring all!

We love to flash our notebook and planner stash. At the end of the Meet-Up I go to, we always take a Planner-Stack photo where everyone stacks up their planners together. The bigger the stack, the better! It’s a fun way to document and remember the afternoon.

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Dublin BuJo / Planner Meet Up

Date: Sunday 6th January 2019

Time: 2pm to 4:30pm

Venue: The Constant Knitter
88 Francis St,Dublin 8

Google Map link:

Hello Everyone,

As a Bullet Journalist and planner enthusiast, I will be hosting a Bullet Journal / Planner meet up in Dublin. This will be an informal meet up for all notebook and planner lovers to get together, exchange planning/organising ideas and work on their Bullet Journals and planners for the New Year.

The meetup is free to attend for users of all types of planners and notebooks – Filofax, Leuchturm, Moleskin, Midori Travellers Notebooks…

Knitters are most welcome to join the meet up to explore the endless possibilities of Bullet Journaling knitting planners and putting pen to paper.

The studio space in The Constant Knitter is the perfect venue for this meet up where you can bring your notebooks / planners and work on your 2019 spreads, layouts or trackers.

Whether you are minimalist or an art journalist, feel free to bring what you would like work on, show and tell – both functional and pretty planning related supplies!

For those of you who want to experiment on some creative layouts, I will have watercolour paints and brushes, stencils, colouring pencils and pens. There will be a laminator for those of you who would like to make your own dashboards, however laminating pouches are limited.

We will put the kettle on for a pot of tea and and the coffee press.

Send in your RSVP for fun, friendship, and planners to

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Legacy of a Creative Spirit

Hello Everyone,

Many of my family and friends have shared their memories and stories of my Mama. She was a shining example of compassion, honesty, love, sacrifice and STRENGTH!

However, not many people knew of my Mama’s creative spirit.
In the 1970’s, Mama took up the needlecraft of crochet. Each time she learned a new stitch pattern, off she’d go with a crochet hook and a some yarn to create a unique blanket.

When we moved to our first house in the suburbs, she crocheted the window coverings in our living and dining rooms. It was a lovely shade of avocado green, the colour scheme in our home.

Mama didn’t stop at houseware accessories, she would have won an innovative fashion design award when she crocheted two granny squares, large enough to cover the my front and back torso, joined them together at the shoulders and voilà instant vest. She made one each for my sister and me. Were the coolest kids on the block.

This was the turning point as a maker. She moved onto the art of sewing when my dad bought her the electric 507 Singer sewing machine. There was no stopping her from sewing clothes for the three women of the house, my poor dad had to buy his own clothes.

I caught the sewing bug in home economics class during high school. With my new found knowledge and my mom’s self taught sewing skills, we worked on our first Vogue Designer dresses that Mama and I wore in this Sears Family Portrait.

As I reflect on my relationship with my Mama, I am quite astonished that I am my mother’s daughter.

My love of knitting, sewing, spinning, quilting and weaving was the result of all that I learned from her.

From now on , anything that I make with my hands will be guided by my Mama’s spirit. And she will always look over me.

Knitterly Love,

~ Diane ~

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Notebooks, How do I love thee, Let me count the ways / 3

The third notebook in this series is this passort sized traveller’s notebook cover that I carry this in the back pocket of my scrubs.

It houses an insert for my collection of formulas used to calculate drug and intravenous infusions , extension and pager numbers. I have an insert for just notes because I was tired of writing something on a piece of scrap paper and then losing it an hour later because it had fallen out of my pocket.

I’ve been preparing for 2019, and decided to add a calendar insert, since nurses like myself are obsessed with our schedules and needed a paper overview of the year and months.

For this insert, adding a bit of colour makes me happy.

I have a year overview followed by a future log.

I decided to use a monthly grid layout for my regular and on call shifts.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-series.


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Notebooks, How do I thee, Let me count the ways / 2

Hi Everyone,

Last week, I showed off my Knitting Journal.

This week, I am showing off my personal journal, a leather bound A6 sized notebook that was calling out to me at my local charity shop for only a few euros.

It is missing some type of tie – closure, so I have a length of elastic string keeping the flap closed.

It’s a lovely little notebook that I use as a mature version of my childhood diaries.

A few months ago, I took part in a cretive writing challenge, hosted by blogger, Nadia from the Cottage Notebook. Each theme had a title page and listed the prompts for my little stories.

This month the journal is all about gratitude. Instagramer, BohoBerry posted the prompts for the month so I just recopied them here:

Do you still write, Dear Diary at the beginning of each entry?


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Notebooks, How do I love thee, Let me count the ways / 1

Hello Everyone,

Notebooks, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. A three-part blogpost of how I use an A5 notebook, passport size travellers notebook and a leather bound A6 notebook.

I love everyone of my notebooks. These are the three that I am currently revising, reformatting and reducing the number of unused pages.

The following is a blogpost that originally appeared on my other blog, Dublin Knit Collective.

I have a passionate obsession for paper notebooks and planners. Have you noticed knitwear designers have caught on and released some cool knit themed notebooks?

I usually keep track of my knit notes in several places, however, this month I moved back into an A5 notebook after seeing so many creative knitting journal spreads on Instagram.

How about a peek at my current Knitting Journal?

This A5 lined red notebook has beautiful smooth paper which is fountain pen friendly. It takes watercolour paints which adds a nice watercolour wash to my pages.

I love mind maps where I can dump all my inspiring ideas.

I have a monthly Bullet Journal-style calendar, which I decorated with a strip of washi tape down the side of the page.

Instead of using highlighters, watercolour paints give an overall colour wash mark the weekends.

I searched long and hard for a project spread that would appeal to me.

This project page on the left is semi-minimalist, easy and simple to copy onto future pages. The blank page on the right is for journaling and reflective notes.

I would love to see your knitting notebook, link me to your favourite Instagram post in the comments.

Have a great week!