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Reasons to celebrate

Today is the 151st birthday of my home and native land, Canada.

So, I thought it would be fitting to mark Canada Day on my July spread.


Today is also the start of #onebookjuly. A challenge in using one planner this month. I decided to park my A5 Leuchtturm and re-instate the Midori Traveler’s Notebook for all my Bullet Journalling needs. I’ll be toting four inserts in this leather notebook cover. I’ll let you know how I get on.


Logo provided by Countess Ablaze | Designed by Tash Willcocks | Edited by Petra Sielias of Undercover Otter

The movement knitters worldwide have been eagerly waiting for, the launch of #titsoutcollective, a global movement of hand-dyed yarn, patterns and notions of the colourway If I Want Exposure, I’ll Get My Tits Out. Non-knitters out there say what??

In simpleton terms, Countess Ablaze is Lady Gaga-like to the knitting world. Read on for the back story on her blog and for getting over 250 indie dyers, designers, knitters involved in the #titsoutcollective on her Facebook page.

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One book a month

One of my goals for the year is to read one book a month.

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Beauty is skin deep

Disclaimer: I am not a beauty blogger and this is not a product review.

Recently, The Spouse surprised me with a gift voucher for a seaweed facial. I made an appointment and off I went.

Oh, what an exhilarating experience, after an hour of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and a facial massage, my skin felt amazingly clean and rejuvenated while I sipped a cup of herbal tea when it was done.

I was so delighted with my new glow, and realised that Iwanted to make self-care a priority.

An online search of skin care product reviews written by beauty bloggers proved to be too time consuming. There were too many blogposts out there. I asked myself, How does one choose?

I started by asking friends and colleagues. They were no help since all provided me with different answers.

How about a visit to Brown Thomas’, beauty department? Too many luxury products in beautiful glass jars and bottles, it was like looking through a kaleidoscope as I walked up and down the aisles on a Saturday afternoon fighting queues of women. I was getting a stress headache just thinking of the financial implications if I wanted a caviar anti-ageing serum.

Yes it’s nice to have a bit of Coco, however, I didn’t want to forgo my yarn stash budget.

I walked along Grafton street to make my way to TKMaxx. Maybe, I could bag a bargain….

Nothing caught my eye… not even gold.

So next stop was Boots… I personally like these brands.

But I decided to go nostalgic and went with one of my grandmother’s favourite brands, Nivea.

The 2 in 1. Why? Because it’s a skin cleanser, and toner all rolled into one. Great time saver for a no fuss and on the go woman like myself.

On reflection, I was stressing myself out, in my search for beautiful skin. In reality, I don’t think my skin is that bad, however, I recognise that I do need to look after it with a little love and tender care.

This is where I get a bit nerdy and tell you that my Bullet Journal has a section where I keep a list of my skin care products and track my daily use. But, hey it works for me.

Nivea 2 in 1 skin cleanser and toner

Lacura eye gel

Lacura anti-ageing serum

Lacura day and night moisturiser

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Flashpost / 2

We’ve had a few blustery winter days with Storm Emma here in Ireland. My handknit ( it is so easy to knit) cashmere hat is a must-have accessory and my winter coat from Carraig Donn.

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Forever Fierce at 53

Did you know today, 19th February is the 50th day of the year?

It’s Forever Fierce Day to show women that ageing is not to fear, but something to embrace and to defy the current conceptions of MidLife.

Over the Hilda over 50 feeling fab

Check out Hilda’s blog, Over the Hilda and meet Irish women who answer the question, What it means to be Fierce at midlife?

I celebrated 53 over the weekend.  It’s really just a number since age does not hold me back.  I’ve appreciated each passing year of my birthday and convinced myself the celebration should be a week long instead of just one day.

This year marks my 30th year as a Registered Nurse and my eclectic notebook is filled with many reflective vignettes.

I gained valuable experience and knowledge as a paediatric nurse on a Neurosurgical Unit caring for newborn babies with congenital conditions such as spina bifida and hydrocephalus.  As well as providing support to parents, siblings and  grandparents throughout the infant’s surgical journey.

One fall morning, a neonate was born with hydrocephalus in a community hospital 50 km outside the city.  Baby Y was transferred to our unit by midday and I was assigned as the Primary Nurse to Baby Y and the family.  As a newly qualified Nurse, I was feeling anxious and very unsure of myself. I knew textbook knowledge was one thing, but the clincal aspect of hydrocephalus in the newborn was different type of learning. 

I was very lucky to have Nurse S, as Team Leader during my shift, who had 20 years paediatic ICU experience and another 10 years on the Neurosurgical Unit. Nurse S, was very knowledgeable, experienced, no nonsense attitude preceptor. She guided me and provided me with feedback on my nursing care and skills as I dealt with each challenge of primary nursing care.  She taught me clinical skills by the 1-2-3 method. Which was watch me first, you tell me how to do it second then third time, you do it yourself. 

On reflection, I am who I am today because of the experience and opportunities which began on Infant Neurosurgery Unit 6B, where nurse team leading was at the forefront who rewarded the staff with positive feedback. I was a member of a nursing team that was well balanced in skill mix.

I am the sum of all those parts. I have taken a little bit of everything to develop a therapeutic relationship with my patients with a sense of compassion and empathy.

Each story in my notebook builds on the foundation of being Forever Fierce in midlife.

I have the strength to feel empowered and assertive making MidLife cool.

Have a great week!

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My Eclectic Notebook 

Welcome to my Eclectic Notebook, where you will find my random thoughts, moans ‘n groans, opinions, and tips on just about everything from exploring new challenges in technology to artistic expression.

I am no stranger to blogging and social media, and this time around,  I’m finding my voice and working to shift the perception of women in midlife and beyond. My mission is to find an audience.