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In memoriam: Cat Bordhi

The knitting community lost one of its most joyful members last month, with the death of Cat Bordhi on September 19.

As a designer and teacher, Cat was known for her innovation  and gave us  the unique Moebius Cast On and the  Sweet Tomato Heel.

I had an amazing opportunity to meet Cat Bordhi during her visit to Dublin in April 2016.  Rosemary, proprietor of The Constant Knitter asked me to do what I do best, host a Knitworking event with special guests Cat Bordhi AND Ciaran Foley in the same room!

That knitworking afternoon was one of my most memorable. Knit, chat, tea, selfies, repeat…

Cat shared her kindred spirit and talents with all of us so generously, and we will miss her very much.

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Every Breath I Take

As an asthmatic, I use my Bullet Journal as a tool to track my peak flows and look at the trends whether I am asymptomatic or symptomatic.

My use of a peak flows meter enables me to chart the results on a graph.

This information helps me  analyse the trends if I get an exacerbation of my asthma and makes it easier to relay this information to my GP.

Writing all this information in in a colourful spread just distracts me for a short period of time about the realities of what life will be like as an asthmatic during these times.

I do have feelings of anxiety and fear as the  Covid-19 positive cases rise here in Dublin and how to prepare myself for the upcoming flu season.

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The Happy Notebook

I started this Nuuna notebook in 2018 as my blog and knitworking  planner for the Dublin Knit Collective. 

I fell out of synch with this notebook for several reasons:

  1. It was too big to use as an EDC 
  2. The dot grids were too tiny and needed good lighting and a pair of reading glasses
  3. The yellow cover dirt and grime a sticky residue feel to it.
  4. The DKC blog became an FO in August after 13 years online.

September is here, and the beginning of a new season. As the notebook still has 100 pages left, it would be a total waste not to use it.

So, I gave the cover a good wipe down with disinfectant, I slathered it with a leather balm (hoping to get rid of the sticky texture).

There is a new title page and it’s ready for September. 

I decided to use a fine point Jotter pen, because this notebook has major bleed through issues with my pens and highlighters.

I now have proper reading glasses so the smaller dot grid is manageable.

It is once again The Happy Book and has a place on my desk.

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Living in this Global Village

In the 1964, Canadian English Literature professor, Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message.”

Today there has been many discussions over, How did he know that social media would transcend into our every day lives?

He predicted the world was entering the fourth, electronic age, which would be characterised by a community of people brought together by technology He called it the “global village” and said it would be an age when everyone had access to the same information through technology.

The “global village” has grown exponentially with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I’ve been a citizen of this global village 15 years and entered the realm of real time social media with IG Live chats and most recently making TikTok videos.

September is the start of a new season and I’m right back at it. Doing what I do best, Rambling on just about anything and to anyone who will read from the pages of my Eclectic Notebook.

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Carved stitches…

I am delighted to announce that my  latest haiku poem will be featured along side some amazing and creative people in Poetry Ireland.

This online event kicks off at 11:00am (Dublin time). Follow @orlawrites on Twitter!

In these most trying of times, Bluefoot Press is proud to host a unique event for Poetry Day 2020.

Initially conceived and organised by poet and scientist Orla Grant-Donoghue as a live poetry event in Alan Hanna’s Bookshop, measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 have resulted in its transformation into an online-only collaboration (for now).

Determined not to let lockdown curb their creativity, poets, writers, artists, scientists and actors have produced these new works responding to a favourite book.

These have been inspired by simple lines, characters, scenes, covers, even by the memories triggered by a book.

The Aran sweater,
carved and sculpted stitches,
The ultimate pride.

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I’ve got you covered…

I know there has been plenty of discussion about wearing facemasks out in public.

For me a facemask is an adjunct to staying safe out in public like running out to the shops or the post office.

Wearing a facemask is one reminder for me NOT to touch my face. I keep to social distancing, use hand sanitizer when I am out and about. Wearing the sunglasses so that I don’t rub my eyes.

washing my hands as soon as I get home and very frequently.

I am wearing one of my own facemasks that I made from the disposable fabric used wrap OR instrument sets with.

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A love like no other…

Monday’s haiku is a tribute to my parents on what would have been their 57th wedding anniversary….

A call to the Nursing profession

beckons from across the ocean

Interwines two soulmates

A love like no other. . .

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Speckled dot of colour…

It’s Haiku Monday. Today’s theme is inspired UV Knits by @freckledpast

Knit brightness for warmth

A speckled dot of colour

Optimistic glow.

*photo reposted from Freckledpast’ IG grid .

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A gift in the night…

I received a lovely care package from a lovely group of friends over the weekend. This #haikupoem is dedicated to a little girl, who made and decided to gift this little doll for my care package.

A gift in the night,

Kindred spirits warm my soul

To a blissful calm. .