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Legacy of a Creative Spirit

Hello Everyone,

Many of my family and friends have shared their memories and stories of my Mama. She was a shining example of compassion, honesty, love, sacrifice and STRENGTH!

However, not many people knew of my Mama’s creative spirit.
In the 1970’s, Mama took up the needlecraft of crochet. Each time she learned a new stitch pattern, off she’d go with a crochet hook and a some yarn to create a unique blanket.

When we moved to our first house in the suburbs, she crocheted the window coverings in our living and dining rooms. It was a lovely shade of avocado green, the colour scheme in our home.

Mama didn’t stop at houseware accessories, she would have won an innovative fashion design award when she crocheted two granny squares, large enough to cover the my front and back torso, joined them together at the shoulders and voilà instant vest. She made one each for my sister and me. Were the coolest kids on the block.

This was the turning point as a maker. She moved onto the art of sewing when my dad bought her the electric 507 Singer sewing machine. There was no stopping her from sewing clothes for the three women of the house, my poor dad had to buy his own clothes.

I caught the sewing bug in home economics class during high school. With my new found knowledge and my mom’s self taught sewing skills, we worked on our first Vogue Designer dresses that Mama and I wore in this Sears Family Portrait.

As I reflect on my relationship with my Mama, I am quite astonished that I am my mother’s daughter.

My love of knitting, sewing, spinning, quilting and weaving was the result of all that I learned from her.

From now on , anything that I make with my hands will be guided by my Mama’s spirit. And she will always look over me.

Knitterly Love,

~ Diane ~

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Notebooks, How do I love thee, Let me count the ways / 3

The third notebook in this series is this passort sized traveller’s notebook cover that I carry this in the back pocket of my scrubs.

It houses an insert for my collection of formulas used to calculate drug and intravenous infusions , extension and pager numbers. I have an insert for just notes because I was tired of writing something on a piece of scrap paper and then losing it an hour later because it had fallen out of my pocket.

I’ve been preparing for 2019, and decided to add a calendar insert, since nurses like myself are obsessed with our schedules and needed a paper overview of the year and months.

For this insert, adding a bit of colour makes me happy.

I have a year overview followed by a future log.

I decided to use a monthly grid layout for my regular and on call shifts.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-series.


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Notebooks, How do I thee, Let me count the ways / 2

Hi Everyone,

Last week, I showed off my Knitting Journal.

This week, I am showing off my personal journal, a leather bound A6 sized notebook that was calling out to me at my local charity shop for only a few euros.

It is missing some type of tie – closure, so I have a length of elastic string keeping the flap closed.

It’s a lovely little notebook that I use as a mature version of my childhood diaries.

A few months ago, I took part in a cretive writing challenge, hosted by blogger, Nadia from the Cottage Notebook. Each theme had a title page and listed the prompts for my little stories.

This month the journal is all about gratitude. Instagramer, BohoBerry posted the prompts for the month so I just recopied them here:

Do you still write, Dear Diary at the beginning of each entry?


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Notebooks, How do I love thee, Let me count the ways / 1

Hello Everyone,

Notebooks, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. A three-part blogpost of how I use an A5 notebook, passport size travellers notebook and a leather bound A6 notebook.

I love everyone of my notebooks. These are the three that I am currently revising, reformatting and reducing the number of unused pages.

The following is a blogpost that originally appeared on my other blog, Dublin Knit Collective.

I have a passionate obsession for paper notebooks and planners. Have you noticed knitwear designers have caught on and released some cool knit themed notebooks?

I usually keep track of my knit notes in several places, however, this month I moved back into an A5 notebook after seeing so many creative knitting journal spreads on Instagram.

How about a peek at my current Knitting Journal?

This A5 lined red notebook has beautiful smooth paper which is fountain pen friendly. It takes watercolour paints which adds a nice watercolour wash to my pages.

I love mind maps where I can dump all my inspiring ideas.

I have a monthly Bullet Journal-style calendar, which I decorated with a strip of washi tape down the side of the page.

Instead of using highlighters, watercolour paints give an overall colour wash mark the weekends.

I searched long and hard for a project spread that would appeal to me.

This project page on the left is semi-minimalist, easy and simple to copy onto future pages. The blank page on the right is for journaling and reflective notes.

I would love to see your knitting notebook, link me to your favourite Instagram post in the comments.

Have a great week!



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It’s Personal

Four years ago, I fell down the Filofax rabbit hole, when bought a second hand personal sized Filofax Domino for next to nothing.

When I turned 50, I treated myself to a purple patent Original.

Since then, I have found more Filofax personals in my local charity shops.

For a notebook lover like myself, these 6-ringed binders are a treasure to find since the general population seem to think that they are old fashioned, can’t buy a current diary or have no use for an address book.

Well, let me share a secret, they are the most versatile and flexible little notebooks you can have.

The Original is currently my Spin to Knit journal. I am using the Filofax week on one page insert as my progress diary. In addition, I have a section just for notes.

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Hello November…

Hello and welcome to the Eclectic Notebook, if you found me by way of Instagram or Facebook. This month, I’m blogging about notebooks and planners.

I have an A5 Leuchtturm 1917 dot notebook as my main Bullet Journal and my system is based on Ryder Carrol’s Bullet Journal system to organise my tasks, events and projects.

Do you ever wonder what to write in your notebook? Teasing out my inner creativity and transcribing it onto each month’s title page can draw a blank. So, I take inspiration from other Bullet Journalists.

Here is November’s title page, a close replica of @amandarachlee‘s on Instagram. I am using a grid style month on one page set up for my overview of November.

I have two spreads, the page on the left is a chart to monitor my peak flows since I have had episodes of non-compliance in the past when taking my inhalers and recognising when my asthma symptoms go awry.

The habit tracker on the right are my daily reminders for just about anything from applying anti-aging serum on my face to taking my house keys with me.

My notebook is quite quasi-artistic with a task list that seems to grow as the first of November draws to a close.

Have you started your November spread yet?

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Reasons to celebrate

Today is the 151st birthday of my home and native land, Canada.

So, I thought it would be fitting to mark Canada Day on my July spread.


Today is also the start of #onebookjuly. A challenge in using one planner this month. I decided to park my A5 Leuchtturm and re-instate the Midori Traveler’s Notebook for all my Bullet Journalling needs. I’ll be toting four inserts in this leather notebook cover. I’ll let you know how I get on.


Logo provided by Countess Ablaze | Designed by Tash Willcocks | Edited by Petra Sielias of Undercover Otter

The movement knitters worldwide have been eagerly waiting for, the launch of #titsoutcollective, a global movement of hand-dyed yarn, patterns and notions of the colourway If I Want Exposure, I’ll Get My Tits Out. Non-knitters out there say what??

In simpleton terms, Countess Ablaze is Lady Gaga-like to the knitting world. Read on for the back story on her blog and for getting over 250 indie dyers, designers, knitters involved in the #titsoutcollective on her Facebook page.

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Beauty is skin deep

Disclaimer: I am not a beauty blogger and this is not a product review.

Recently, The Spouse surprised me with a gift voucher for a seaweed facial. I made an appointment and off I went.

Oh, what an exhilarating experience, after an hour of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and a facial massage, my skin felt amazingly clean and rejuvenated while I sipped a cup of herbal tea when it was done.

I was so delighted with my new glow, and realised that Iwanted to make self-care a priority.

An online search of skin care product reviews written by beauty bloggers proved to be too time consuming. There were too many blogposts out there. I asked myself, How does one choose?

I started by asking friends and colleagues. They were no help since all provided me with different answers.

How about a visit to Brown Thomas’, beauty department? Too many luxury products in beautiful glass jars and bottles, it was like looking through a kaleidoscope as I walked up and down the aisles on a Saturday afternoon fighting queues of women. I was getting a stress headache just thinking of the financial implications if I wanted a caviar anti-ageing serum.

Yes it’s nice to have a bit of Coco, however, I didn’t want to forgo my yarn stash budget.

I walked along Grafton street to make my way to TKMaxx. Maybe, I could bag a bargain….

Nothing caught my eye… not even gold.

So next stop was Boots… I personally like these brands.

But I decided to go nostalgic and went with one of my grandmother’s favourite brands, Nivea.

The 2 in 1. Why? Because it’s a skin cleanser, and toner all rolled into one. Great time saver for a no fuss and on the go woman like myself.

On reflection, I was stressing myself out, in my search for beautiful skin. In reality, I don’t think my skin is that bad, however, I recognise that I do need to look after it with a little love and tender care.

This is where I get a bit nerdy and tell you that my Bullet Journal has a section where I keep a list of my skin care products and track my daily use. But, hey it works for me.

Nivea 2 in 1 skin cleanser and toner

Lacura eye gel

Lacura anti-ageing serum

Lacura day and night moisturiser