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An Angel’s Whisper

Angels whisper your

hellos to falling stars but

I still miss your voice.

~ Orla Grant-Donoghue ~

Reminiscing and reflecting as the one year anniversary of my Mum’s passing approaches.

I miss you Mama…

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Goodbye Summer 2019

I remember every year on the first day of school, the first writing assignment was, What I Did on My Summer Vacation.

My writing piece was always about family camping or road trips to Michigan or Illinois to visit family friends.

Summer 2019, started on a high note with a road trip to Woollinn, Ireland’s Yarn Festival in Gormanstown, Co. Meath.

The folks at This is Knit really know how to put on a Yarn Festival. As an Irish-based blogger, I snagged myself admission into the Festival as a member of the press.

My highlights, were meeting old and making new friends.

with Joanne, Laura and Isobel.

with Sionnach Yarns.

with Cat & Sparrow.

The Ravelry Lounge was a very popular area. It was my favourite place to be and meet knitters from all over the world.

Yarn is an experience and I love the way it brings people together with a real sense of a community.

However, few days after Woollinn was not so great.

I fractured my metatarsal bone in my foot and spent 8 weeks in a walker boot cast.

The upside, was that I got quite a bit of knitting and spinning done, while drinking alot of coffee.

and enjoyed food and drink…

Re-reading the Bullet Journal Method reaquainted me to this flexible planning system and trying out the Leuchtturm1917 in the new B6 size.

So, it is time to welcome September and going forward with two feet once again.

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10 years of Tour de Fleece

This year marks my 10 year anniversary with the Tour de Fleece.

Here is my first TdF blogpost that appeared online on 11th July 2009.

No knitting this week. I’ve been participating in Ravelry’s Tour de Fleece 2009.

Fibre: 100g of Ashford’s merino/silk blend
Colourway: Mulberry

I attempted to ply using the Andean plying technique, but failed miserably…

and my first handspun for the Tour de Fleece 2009…

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One Book July: week 2

We are into week 2 of One Book July.

Usually, I do well in keeping my Bullet Journal up to date at the beginning of the month. The past week has been exceptional.

I know it’s still early into the month, but I routinely update my BuJo before I spin into my day and a reflective review in my journal before I go to bed. As for the reflection part, there is no big revelation, only small anecdotes here and there.

This week’s writing utensil is a fountain pen from Paperchase. It’s a pretty good entry level fountain and it’s a bonus that this particular one is made in Germany.

I’ve added a couple of layouts for my knitting projects. I can track and make notes on my progress. I know that Ravelry has an excellent feature to track and update my projects, so instead of transcribing my notes, I will take a photo of the page layout from my BuJo and upload them onto my Ravelry project pages.

I’ve added another notebook into the fold, a small from Mark’s Inc. I purchased it a couple of years ago from Article.

The notebook is an unusual size 172mm x 103mm. The last time I was in the shop they no longer stocked the insert. I am not too keen on the notebook paper, since there is a fair amount of ghosting with fountain and the Uniball Eye pens that are my go to writing instruments. The only reason why I like this handy little notebook is the front zippered pocket for my stuff. I like to find it quickly in my knapsack and my shopping list is in this notebook.

This week, I hope to challenge myself to unplug from social media and maybe spend more time on creative journalling.

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When I received an invitation to Elisabetta’s Spin Me a Yarn party, a birthday and Tour de Fleece party. I wanted to make the celebrant a birthday gift. Knowing that I had to make and finish it in five days, I dove right in to my craft stash and found some silver wire and my jewellery making supplies. I remembered that I had seen some knitted jewellery patterns on Ravelry and decided to knit Rosemary Hill’s pattern, What the World Needs Now.

So with a set of 2.5mm needles and the wire, I knit the pattern as written.

As the Urban Spinner, I have a nice selection of my own handspun in my yarn stash and swiss darned it on to the wire.

I think they turned out pretty good…

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One Book July

The year is just flying by and the height of my summer notebook adventures is already here with One Book July.

This will be my third year, participating in this yearly summer challenge with members of the online planner community.

There is a great detailed post about the history in Paper Planning Magazine.

Every year, it gets harder and harder to choose which planner/notebook I will use for the month of July.

I was all set to use my Midori Traveler’s Notebook, however, I changed my mind 48 hours ago and opted for a B6 Leuchtturm1917.

This softcovered slimline version makes it lighter to carry around in my already overstuffed handbag.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I further learned the theme to this year’s #onebookjuly was the Bullet Journal.

I am such a planner nerd! More so, because I am re-reading the Bullet Journal Method for the second time.

So, here is a walk through of my Bullet Journal set up.

I will be using a Parker 51 fountain pen that belonged to my grandmother. This notebook has pre-printed index pages and I’ve included a key for my bullets and signifiers.

This is my third Leuchtturm1917 notebook and I find that the paper take watercolours quite well.

I added my favourite perpetual calender layout and this stencil from Søestrene Grene, made it so much easier to map out the grid.

I like to add some colour to a fuss-free and traditional layout to the future and monthly logs.

What’s a Bullet Journal without a habit tracker?

I’ve been creating habit trackers in my notebook for a couple of years now, and this layout combines a asthma peak flow and a self-care tracker.

Today is the beginning of #onebookjuly.

Happy Canada Day, my home and native land…

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Final Woollinn Notes

Hi Folks,

Part 7 and the final blogpost of Planning my Way to Woollinn.

Planning, organising and blogging about my Woollinn adventures from a Bullet Journalist perspective was an exercise in self-discovery.

Just saying the word, Woollinn conjures ideas, thoughts, wishlists along with mental images – kinda like an Instagram grid in my head. It’s clutter in my brain.

As I reflect on this journey, I can tell you that keeping up with the Bullet Journalling is a commitment. I was determined to see this through.

For me, one of the main spreads in my BuJo was the checklist. Writing out what needed to be done and categorised helped me to focus and find clarity.

I taught a workshop at the Festival and created a checklist. Result: I didn’t forget anything.

Packing, checking my list the night before:

There were two items that I forgot because I did not have a chance to check the list in when I got up in the morning. I was too busy deciding which handknits to wear. Lesson learned: add a Woollinn wardrobe spread in my BuJo next time.

Writing things down in blue ink really does help to remember. I wrote out my list of must see vendors. I was completely overwhelmed as I arrived in the Marketplace, however, as I made my way through, my memory recall was heightened as I recognised many of the vendors and who were on my list.

As I peruse through my notebook, I can summarise that it’s my brain is on paper.

Every note, idea, reminder, thought is in this notebook.

Planning My Way for Woollinn was a get way to get back to Bullet Journalling and has made me self-aware.

Thank you for following my Woollinn adventures here on the blog. I had a alot of fun with it.

Where will my next yarn adventure take me?

Yarn Folk Festival of Wool


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The Future is Here

Part 6 of Planning My Way to Woollinn

Hi Folks,

If you’ve watched Ryder Carroll’s video, you’ll know that the Bullet Journal system is a way to track the past, organise the present and plan for the future.

These past several weeks has been a great way to re-connect with journalling from both a productivity and a reflective perspective.

I really learned a great deal about myself, and the process of Bullet Journalling. It’s been an enlightening journey so far, as I blend my list making tasks with mindfullness.

Whether it was a big or small project, I needed to break down my tasks into the sum of all parts.

One major project for me was organising my drop spindle spinning workshop for the Irish Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers.

I’ve completed my tasks and I am ready to teach the Learn to Spin workshop. All my supplies, equipment and notes are packed.

One of my fun projects is making StitchMarkers for the Swop which are to be released into the wilds of Woollinn on Friday and Saturday.

I have my knitting project bag ready and waiting. Next time I think I will need to manage my time better to find a knitting project. I was up until 1am last night stash diving.

I already have my Woollinn wardrobe ready but that can all change, because I just happen to be that type of person who will try on 5 different outfits before I head out.

The one thing that I found difficult to do was my shopping list. The vendor list is so overwhelming. I want so many things. However, I have to admit my disposable income is one that pales in comparison to what I see what is purchased and shared on social media as a haul.

I do have a list of must see vendors, and I do want to purchase with a purpose.

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Planner Fun

Part 5 in the Planning my Way to Woollinn series.

My yarny senses are tingling, as Woollinn approaches. It’s only days away when the doors open this Friday.

Excitement builds up, as I scroll down the vendor list and take notes.

“Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.” ~ Francis Bacon ~

There are several vendors who I would LOVE to meet in person. I will try to stay cool and hopefully not display any fangirl-like behaviour.

I’ve tackled most of my to-do list, then will follow-up with the final checklist this week.

Some of the spreads that I will be filling in before I head out this weekend…

One of my major projects in this Bullet Journal is my workshop notes for the Learn to Spin workshop with the Irish Guild of Weavers spinners and Dyers (which is already sold out: )

I’ve tweaked my lesson plan as a BuJo layout that make it easy for me to refer to during the workshop.

So far my planning sessions have been fun and productive!