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Planning my Way to Woollinn 2019

Hello Everyone,

Are you aware of my obsession with notebooks, pen and ink?

I love to put pen, pencil, paint brush to paper.

So, it is only fitting that the next few blog posts will have a planning on paper perspective and a bit faux artistry randomly placed in my planning notebook.

Originally, I thought of using a Filofax, however, my Midori Travellers Notebook beckons me to set it up for this year’s Woollinn adventure.

What is a Midori Traveler’s Notebook (MTN)?

At it’s most basic, it is a simple leather cover with an elastic band to hold notebooks (inserts) inside, an elastic band to hold it closed and a thread to mark your page (like the ribbon you get in many notebooks).

Blogger, Ian Hedley wrote a great descriptive post describing the details of a Midori Traveler’s Notebook.

This notebook system comes with a moderately high cost, however, I was very lucky to get mine at a very reasonable price on a buy and sell site here in Dublin.

The scruffed up marks and scratches shows off the character of this three year old notebook cover.

If you meet me on my Way to Woollinn, my MTN is an open book.

Come and take a peak.

~ Diane ~

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On this Mother’s Day…

I often buy cards outside of the celebrated occasion.

On this side of the Atlantic, Mother’s Day, is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Allowing me to purchase my mum’s card 2 months before the Mother’s Day in North America. Then tucking it way for later. But every year, around the May Bank holiday I would look for said card and forget where I kept it for safe keeping.

This week I opened up an A5 Filofax that has been sitting on a shelf for over a year and discovered one of the Mother’s Day cards slipped inside pocket.

My mum has been gone for over 5 months now and there isn’t a day that goes by when I still grieve my loss.

I’m missing her and she is with me everyday.

I haven’t been wearing jewellry for years until recently.

I’ve been wearing this MOM pendant, which was a Mother’s Day gift from me.

Mama was also a religious woman who wore this everyday.

One of my favourite photos of mama and me

I actually have the cardigan that my mum is wearing in this photo. It’s not in the best condition so I plan to recreate it. It will be an knit project since I’ve never tried to reverse engineer knitwear.

*I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you for always,

As long as I’m living

My mama you’ll be.

Happy Mother’s Day….

*I’ll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

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Knitting Knotes

Do you have a few projects on the go?

I usually have one knitting wip in each category. Last week I cast on for a new s shawl.

It’s alternating sections of garter stitch and a very simple lace pattern of K2tog, yo, k2. Where can you go wrong? Yes, I still need a lifeline because I watch TV, drink wine and Knit.

Pattern: Blue Jean Saturday shawl
Yarn: Dublin Dye fingering weight
Needle size: 4mm

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Sustainable Living in the Land of Yarnia

A few weeks ago, I popped into my local charity shop and found 3 balls of Sublime baby cotton kapok dk yarn for the bargain price of €1.50. I had never heard of kapok so I googled the word and learned it is a plant based cotton-like fibre.

The yarn was calling out to me, “knit me into a sustainable handmade.”

I decided on a quick and easy to knit, washcloth using the broken rib stitch pattern it creates an interesting pattern and texture on both sides.

I used less than one and a half balls of this yarn held and knit double on 4.5mm needles.

I’ve written up the pattern if you wish to knit along and create one or a few.


Suggested YARN: any organic cotton yarn DK weight, approximately 75g / 170m

Suggested NEEDLE size: 4.5mm

Notions: tapestry needle to weave your ends, scissors


K – knit

P – purl

st(s) – stitches


Yarn is held double, cast on 45 sts.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: (K1, P1) to last st. K1.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until your washcloth is a square.

Bind off.

Weave ends.

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Mindmapping to get things done

As some of you know, the last 6 months has been emotionally and physically draining for me.
I’ve turned a new page in my notebook and the mind mapping has begun.

I am delighted to be using my Filofax again to organise my social and crafting events.

Getting my self organised is my first priority since working long hours and sometimes unsocialable hours can make me a bit frazzled if I don’t have a list, tracker or most importantly a plan.

I’ve been using an adapted version of the GTD and Bullet Journal systems which work very well for me.

I do need to work on some time management skills since I do enjoy knitting with a cup of coffee on the side.

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One can never have too many bags.

Clutch bags, handbags, knapsacks, messenger bags, tote bags….

I carry everything except the kitchen sink when going from point A to point B.

I have a small collection of bags, which I can choose from, as my everyday carry.

One of my favourites is a Derek Alexander messenger-style bag that I purchased in the ’90s.

I love the zippered compartments and the three main sections. It perfectly suits my need to organise the things that I carry on a day to day basis.

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Tickled pink and organised

Hi Folks,

I have committed myself to be more organised with the accumulation of paper, receipts, flyers, business cards, etc. So I’ve entered the 2nd quarter 2019 with a planner-organiser using an A5 Finsbury Filofax.

The inspiration for this organiser comes from YT video, How to turn a Filofax into a desktop filing system.

My set up is basically similar, but I used supplies that I already had on hand and opted out at making the folders.

I ran two A5 sized pouches through my laminator to make an inbox and outbox dashboard.

The 12 tabbed dividers are for each month of the year. The third is for March.

Instead of using 31 dividers for each day of the month, I relabeled 6 dividers so that each section was for 7 days.

I also placed the A to Z dividers at the back for now just to file some notes and stuff.

I really hope that this works out for me because I tend to just stuff all sorts of disorganised shite in these organisers.

Time will tell, eh?


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Tickled Pink

I am tickled pink that spring has sprung. I am still feeling the Filofax love for pink so it’s the personal Finsbury for this month.

Still keeping to the minimalistic monthly layout by writing the dates on the left side of the page followed by the corresponding days of the week for the month of March.

I have a stack of Filofax address sheets, so I give them a colourwash and use them as note paper.

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Hello February!

After the January blues, February is typically a happy month for me. I associate it with the colours red and pink mainly due to the commercialism of Valentine’s Day.

The colour pink touches on my girly side so it is only fitting that I swap out the black Filofax Kendal that I’ve been using for a pink Finsbury.

This personalised Filofax was one of my many treasured finds at a local charity shop.

I love my monthly dividers which where created from an old calender, cut down to size and laminated to also double as a dashboard.

This Filofax organiser is loosely based on Ryder Caroll’s Bullet Journal method.

I am trying to keep my stationary expenditures in check this year, so I opted out at purchasing a Filofax diary. Instead, I trim down some dot grid paper and hand write each month’s layout.